07 octobre 2010

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click Since there had been again a number of questions for new works with some of my favorite models - those littele marbles - I took some time to update the portfolio with more new photographs in closeup views. They are really a "dope" in case You once start to play and work with them, I have to confess it. And there are still (harhar) enough of them to continue. I promise. Here's a collection of 12 for the 2nd Marble Calendar. Any of it's 12 works is available as well as "solo".  So e.g. "Like Pearls... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2010

Septembre 1: Les Calendriers 2011 !!!

click@picture September 1st...... feeling of autumn? Some already have. Summer leaves soon, autumn leaves will change colours and here they are: MY coloured leaves...those for 2011, my new calendar portfolio. 39 calendars actually - and the 40th calendar is already "in the pipeline", being created and following soon.One of my personal favorite Calendars  is Pasta Per apPASSIONati I simply love those unusual shapes of Pasta. And which one is Your favorite Calendar? Let me know !
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