07 octobre 2010

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click Since there had been again a number of questions for new works with some of my favorite models - those littele marbles - I took some time to update the portfolio with more new photographs in closeup views. They are really a "dope" in case You once start to play and work with them, I have to confess it. And there are still (harhar) enough of them to continue. I promise. Here's a collection of 12 for the 2nd Marble Calendar. Any of it's 12 works is available as well as "solo".  So e.g. "Like Pearls... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2010

Days of Roses

Days of Roses are one of the most romantic times and moments during the year. Roses as a symbol for eternal love and declaring deepest emotions without words. They are wellness ingredients for love and feelings as well as for body and soul.  Enjoy a bath with roses, milk and honey.....it's unique. And - last not least - incomparable the taste of roses used for tea or desserts like panna cotta, parfait or mousse..... it's pure sin. Irresistable. It's been more than high time to spend them a Calendar among the collection of - in... [Lire la suite]
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02 octobre 2010


click @ Some late days in September had been fine occasion for some hours in the gardens and parcs during Dahlia season. It's difficult to decide which one among all those dozen of kinds and colours might be the most amazing one. Again some of them were put together for a little new Calendar for 2011. Here it is. Any of the Dahlia pictures are available as well as prints as "single" works, not only in the calendar format. Please click here for more infos and about 1100 other of my works. Any inspiring comment welcome.
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