07 octobre 2010

Global Views



Since there had been again a number of questions for new works with some of my favorite models - those littele marbles - I took some time to update the portfolio with more new photographs in closeup views. They are really a "dope" in case You once start to play and work with them, I have to confess it. And there are still (harhar) enough of them to continue. I promise. Here's a collection of 12 for the 2nd Marble Calendar. Any of it's 12 works is available as well as "solo".  So e.g. "Like Pearls of Water", standing as metapher for global ressources like water (blue, clear, fresh and transparent marbles) and nature end ecology with the green leaves and climate, global changement of climate, as well es for need of water in many countries. I love this work due to the multiple symbolism in ecological senses.""East of Horizons" is another one of those works with double sense, triple sense, as a matter of fact.

But there are other marbles and works who "Colour My Life" - even in symbosis with kitchen accesoires like those or spices and herbals like these in "Salve Salvia"

Here's more info about the new marble calendar "Global View" , the title a little wordplay with those small "globes". Another blog of mine is dedicated to them HERE among two other favorites of toys. Feel welcome to add any inspiring comment with Your  visit there or here.

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