12 juillet 2010

Pasta Forme Strane - Unusual Pasta

click@ Pasta is one of my favorite foods since childhood. Loved it and still love it simply done "alla carbonara", cooked until crisp with some butter in the pan and perhaps mixed with some ham. Or with "grated cheese".  Options for recipes are endless. And loving Italy it's no wonder there's a collection of really hundreds of recipes in my recipe's archive. During my work as food photographer and creative for food recipes I "met" so many kinds of Pasta I fell in love with their shapes and form.... [Lire la suite]

12 juillet 2010


click@ "Treasure" made top 1 of the "Love & Passionate RED" Challenge at  RB - that's been the message of the jury this early morning, I received very surprised and pleased. What a lovely way to startup into a new week. It's a double pleasure due to the fact, that this work was made with some  so called "heart shells" from one of my favorite isles - Langeoog. An isle at the Wadden Sea between Coast and German North Sea , part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009. The photo... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2010

Summer's fruits

click Back again ! Too much to do for professional work and other tasks, but not without fruits to enjoy now. Some of them I'll  bring along now and in the following postings and months. Stay tuned. Hope You'll like them ! This first of the ne works is a very simple recipe: a mix of cream cheese and so called Limburger, pieces of peaches, a little lemon juice; Peaches caramellised with some sugar-cinnamon-mixture and then filled with the cream and red currants, served at the end of a menu or as refreshing snack for lunch.
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