12 juillet 2010



"Treasure" made top 1 of the "Love & Passionate RED" Challenge at  RB - that's been the message of the jury this early morning, I received very surprised and pleased. What a lovely way to startup into a new week.

It's a double pleasure due to the fact, that this work was made with some  so called "heart shells" from one of my favorite isles - Langeoog. An isle at the Wadden Sea between Coast and German North Sea , part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009. The photo was made not only as a romantic theme (of course that's been the topic as well), but also dedicated to this favorite isle and "land"scape of mine, the  Wadden Sea with the other isles, where I love to sail and spend time whenever possible. So - the picture's title "Treasure"  has more than double sense. And there's another background to this photo concerning my "normal" daily and 1st professional work connected to health topics like organ donation and medical issues.

Thanks³ 4 this lovely honour and pleasure!! :-)

This might be of interest for You as well:

Wadden Sea World Heritage Site




Welterbeprogramm der UNESCO

Deutsche UNESCO Kommission


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