14 mai 2009



Stoned From Love

Probably there are worse feelings than being stoned from love,
don't You think so?
Try, and you'll see.

Little wordplay,  mes amis, with one of some new works. I've again to apologize for few posts and comments, some works demand for full and more than 100% attention, as well as some other priorities in life, like working for new food creations, manuscript works, my family and "le bac" de mon fils and his plans for a year at Sydney after the examinations. But from time to time I walk around and have a look to Your wonderful works, foods and sunny illustrations and I have to confess, they make it hard to resist and to stay tuned to work. ;-)))


and more and more and more.....

You like them..... You' d like to appetize some others too?
All of those works are even available as prints, postcards and more and royalty free license.
Have a look here and here

And by the way:
Let's twitter 4 those and other actual informations and contact!

Enjoy springtime days, mes amis !
© Copyright by Liz Collet

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Commentaires sur Stoned

    hihihi : melange anglais et français dans ton texte C'est fait expres ? Tu reveilles mon appetit d'ogre avec ta mosaique qui fait saliver les papilles....

    Posté par freDeric, 14 mai 2009 à 18:22 | | Répondre
  • uops...

    touchée, Frederic )))))
    c'est la vie.... jamais assez de temps *smile*

    Posté par Liz, 22 mai 2009 à 10:39 | | Répondre
  • Liz, I love beaucoup ton franglais !
    C'est toujours aussi appétissant chez toi. Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas goûter...

    Posté par Trolef, 09 juin 2009 à 21:31 | | Répondre
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